Renew & Propel Series

Start Afresh Today, Every Day

Do you need a REBOOT BUTTON in life! 
Especially when some areas of your life have gone off track and make you feel bogged down and like you just can’t move forward, you need a reboot.

 “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” John F. Kennedy

If you are like me, then you definitely struggle with staying afresh at times especially when your plans aren’t working out as they should. In most instances, most of us have no clue of what we want to do in life. We often struggle to find our purpose and this can be very overwhelming. Here’s the thing, in the midst of all life activities, each one of us faces a fair share of life successes and challenges. While successes make you happy and motivated to be the best version of yourself, failures and mistakes, tend to haunt you to ends of the world. 

I for sure know that challenges and mistakes always weigh me down and hinder me from realizing my full potential. There’s always that tiny voice in your head that constantly reminds you of your failures and mistakes making you lose sight of your life goals. I know as you read this you are probably saying, “he’s definitely describing me!”

Well, I have some good newsfor you! Whether every move in your life in the past has been a mistake or you’re too afraid of taking risks, just don’t let what happened to you in the past hold you back from realizing your future. Life is short, so live in the present moment. Every day when you wake up, do something that is purposeful and different. Learn new things every day and seize every opportunity that you get. After all, you only live once and have got one life to live!

Be a light that never fades by starting afresh every day. So what if you face challenges and make mistakes? Always know that you aren’t the first nor the last to do so! Instead, work hard, embrace positivity, and a good attitude. Purpose to start your day with positive energy, take risks, do what you love, and just be you!

If you are wondering, what if I fail every day? What should I do then? Dust off your past and believe that your failures and mistakes are a stepping stone to a brighter tomorrow. 

Don’t get me wrong. There are days when you just won’t have the power to start afresh every day. But, give yourself strength anyway. No one knows what the future holds but, by constantly believing that there is a better tomorrow, there’s hope that things will get better and easier for you. Beneath all worries, failures, and mistakes is a brilliant being with the ability to thrive and make a difference. All it takes is starting afresh every day and thinking big. 

Happiness and purposing to start afresh every day is a choice. Choose it and strive towards always building who you want to be! Don’t give up. Keep doing what you do and someday, you will reap great returns!

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