Create Your Own Opportunities

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door” ~Kyle Chandler

Against the popular saying that opportunity comes but once, I strongly believe that opportunity is what you make of it. You do not have to wait for an opportunity to present itself to you rather you have the power to create your own opportunities. All you need is guidelines on how to create your own opportunities.

#1 Discover a need and take the initiative

One of the ways you can create your own opportunities is to take a keen study on your environment and identify a problem that needs solving. Once you have identified a need, you should take the initiative to proffer a solution for it. You need to capitalize on the shortcomings of the existing protocols and come to a modification of the original version that is not subject to the existing limitations or an entirely different idea.

#2 Take the risk

Truthfully, if you want to create your own opportunities then you must ready to take the risk. Life implores you to make certain decisions or call to actions in order to give room for opportunities. The best business gurus are not those who shy away from risk-taking but those who delve into the path that others dread to walk or were blind to see. What was expected to be their pitfall became an opportunity on which they thrive in their field. Although the step may not be pleasing at first it will surely come around.

#3 Eliminate all doubt

In order to create your own opportunity, you need to get rid of things that may act as obstacles to nurturing your plan and achieving your goal. When you allow your present condition to influence your thoughts and actions then you are bound to fail. It is important to put your focus on the future outcome and not on the present situation. By doing this, you have a driving force that will cause you to rewrite your story and create your own opportunity.

“Opportunities like ahead of each and every one of us and are waiting to be unleashed. When we prioritize hope over doubtful circumstance we begin to move towards our dream.” ~Joshua Eferighe

#4 Brace yourself for an opportunity

You need to be ready to optimize your opportunity. Having set your sight on a potential opportunity, you need to get your ready for it. This may entail working on yourself and acquiring the skills that help you make the most out the chance

“The secret of success is to be ready when the opportunity comes.”

~Benjamin Disraeli

In Summary, the following salient points are important to take note of if you want to create your own opportunity:

  • Discover a need: When you discover a need in your environment entails creating a niche for yourself where you will thrive
  • Taking risk: Risk takers are creators of opportunity
  • Eliminate all doubt: Channeling your focus on the end product by getting rid of limitations
  • Bracing yourself for opportunity: Doing things to get yourself ready for the opportunity.

Since you have been enlightened on how to create your own opportunities, it is time for you get into action and set up yourself for an opportunity. Do not wait for an opportunity, create your own opportunity.

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Chin Leong Toh


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