Being Clear about what you Want

"You get to choose what you want, but you must get clear about what you want."

Getting discouraged and annoyed about what is happening in your life is much easy. You might be lost, depressed and confused about how to become successful. But before asking yourself how to grow, be clear about what you want. Nothing is impossible I agree but before putting your heart and soul into your dreams clear your mind.

To make something possible, you must have to be clear about what you want. You must be absolute, clear, precise, specific for staying focused. If you are not sure about the destination how can you buy a ticket to go there?

Anything is Possible with firm determination, and your energy can drive results, but one thing I want to clear is for keeping the momentum up, you need to set crystal clear goals first. I can understand setting bigger dreams and goals afraid you by showing failure. But, failure is not the only possibility, you can learn and grow. Believing in yourself and putting Heart and soul will surely bring the best results for you.

I usually see many people who are confused about what they want? What is that one burning desire which can make your eyes opens though everyone else is sleeping? You don’t have the answer to this question but let me help you. Spending life by following others is not a good idea rather be clear about what you want. Think through and analyze what you want and what you “really” want. I am emphasizing on the word “really” as only it can help you in staying focus.  

 Bring the Best Out Of You with Clear Goals

LeBron James is known as the successful athlete and person who continued to set goals every time. He intended to get into the super team, making the playoffs, winning a championship, MVP award and so on. And James achieves what he actually wants from his life. He desires to become the greatest athlete, and he does so by adding all his  heart and soul.

It’s just a single example that shows the making your mind clear about what you want helps you in doing so and making things happen.

Various people have various desires being a musician, sportsman, developer, chef or a teacher but these desires need to be defined first. Set your mind about what you want so that at the end of the day all your attention drives you towards that one point.

 Don’t chase what others want you to do instead identify and be clear about what you want. You have the power of making everything possible by staying focus and setting what your destination is. 

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Chin Leong Toh

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