Yelling and Shouting, The Ever Brewing Toxin

Have you ever had the following experience?

When you refused to buy toys for your young child,he refused to move out of the departmental store and started crying loudly?


When your teenager screams at you, you also scream back at him?

Does this seem at all familiar to you? 

If the parents win the “battle”, I do not think that the parents would  have a sense of achievement. In fact, the guilty conscious kicks in and in high gear. The parents will blame themselves for being too aggresive and unreasonable.

If the children are the winners, they will think that these are effective ways to get what they want. They will keep usingthe same method. And in no time, it will become their habits of mind. It will definitely affect their social skills and the way they manage their life.

In fact, parents and children are all losers. 

As parents, you are in full control of the situation. You have the power to overturn the unwanted situations when you are dealing with your children.

1. If you are angry, leave the scene. a fire without fuel will die off in no time.

2. If you are career parents, do not bring the workplace frustration home. You might vent out your frustration on your children when they ignorantly and accidentally trigger it.

3. When your child blows his top, you need toa ccept that it is part and parcel of his coming of age. Seize this golden opportunity to teach him the ways to handle negative emotions.

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