Personal Losses and Gains

I was having my morning coffee in a coffee shop nearby. On the table next to me sat three mothers having a casual back and forth, albeit extremely loudly.

The first mother said “Nowadays, it is impossible for a child NOT to attend after-school lessons.”

The second mother said “Once the child improves, he could not stop attending after school lessons. It is too big of a risk! “

The final mother said “I am proud of my child attaining top position in class. I am taking a great risk if I stop his after school lessons, he might not be able to sustain his top position. As such, his sense of failure will keep in.”

To sum up the three speeches, regardless of the child‘s performance in school, the child needs after school lessons, at all time.

This is the “scared of losing out” mentality.

I am a great supporter of children attaining after school lessons to enhance their learning. But, I also believe the after school lessons are not a one size fits all solution. After school lessons will not be able to cater all the learning needs of your children.

After school lessons help to close the learning gaps but some pupils need a longer time to grasp certain concepts in class and after school lessons will definitely help them to learn more efficiently.

Maybe parents could consider that after school lessons are not the only option for your child. Parents might want to engage a Life Coach for your children. The Life Coach will be able to diagnose the learning needs of the children, and craft plans for them so that many more aspects of life (motivation, self-confidence, etc.) are taken care of.  Once the children understand themselves, after school lessons will definitely be more effective in closing the learning gaps.

As parents, we wish to see our children establish positive habits and attitude in learning, so that they will well be independent in their adulthood.

My advice to parents: Stop fearing. The fear will cripple you to move forward in life. Just imagine, a few of you siting together and exchanging negative vibes, there is nothing positive that comes out of the fear session. At the end of the session, you bring back the negative vibes home to your loved ones. I could not imagine the negative impact on your child especially when he just returns from school.


Parents, it is take action to change your thoughts and approaches.

Act today!

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