The last episode of our life’s journey

Recently, I have been so engrossed in a Hong Kong Drama series.

The show was full of twists and turns. The director of the drama was able to lead you into a roller coaster of emotions, full of ups and downs.

I could not resist and decided to turn to the last episode of the drama series to see the ending.

Once I saw the last episode of the drama series, I suddenly lost the interest to follow the drama series episode by episode. To me, there was no more excitement no matter how fantastic the storyline was. Because, I knew the ending of the show!

Our life’s journey also resonates with this situation. We learn and working hard every day, because we do not know what will turn up in our life’s journey, We are hopeful of tomorrow and we are will willing to invest in our life. We hope that at the end of our life’s journey, there is a Promised Land waiting for us and our loves ones. At the end of the journey, we might tell ourselves: “I am proud to have walked this far in life!”

It reminds me of a story once told to me.

An outstanding architect builds many nice houses for his boss throughout his career.  His skill is superb and is international recognised for his work. He has helped his boss earn a lot of money.

One year, this architect decided to retire from his work. No matter how hard the boss tried to convince him to stay, the architect was very certain to leave his job.

The boss has no choice but to release him. Before the architect left, the boss asked a favour from him to build the last house for him. The architect reluctantly accepted the job.

In the heart of the architect, he had hoped to finish the task as soon as possible, so that he could go on his retirement. He did not take care of the building details; as a result, it was sloppy job.

Finally, the house was completed. The architect handed over the house to the boss. To his surprise, the boss presented the house to him as a token of appreciation to the architect that has contributed a lot to the company. This was a long-planned present for his retirement.

The architect had to accept the sub-standard house. He was filled with regret. He wished he knew that that was his present so that he could have put in his best effort in creating the best house for himself.

Yes, our creator is full of wisdom. He knows that we are eager to know what our last episode of our life’s journey looks like. He also knows that, once we know what lies in store in our last episode of life’s journey, we will lose the zest of life. As such, for our own good, our creator does not allow us to have the power to read our last episode before it comes to that stage.

Let us work hard, from today onwards. Our fruitful journey starts today. We have to be grateful to our creator that we have 24 hours a day to make a different to our life journey and to impact others on theirs.

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